The BASIC Band (Brothers And Sisters In Christ) began in 1999 with our first contemporary service in August, 1999.  We play for the First (Contemporary) Service. We practice on Wednesday evenings at 8:00pm unless otherwise noted. We started with just 3 players and 4 singers and continue to grow as the seasons change. A special thanks to all of our current band members for their time and efforts in worship! Our current members include: Emily Sherbino, Cooper Link, Ronnie Starnes, Sarah Freeman, Susan Gantt, Charles Cooper, Oz Hefner, Dan Bolton, Jeff Winebarger, Brad Abernathy and Thom Bumgarner. We hope YOU would consider joining us!

Adult Choir  

The ADULT CHOIR is for anyone age 16 and up that enjoys singing and praising GOD! We practice our anthems on Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm unless otherwise noted and perform them about twice a month.  The summer months are when we take time off. We have many talented singers in our choir including Janice Sigmon, Sherry Bumgarner, Trudy Eckard, Carmen Lander, Greg Eckard, Charles Bumgarner, John Thomas, Scott Medlin, and Wayne Huffman BUT we are always looking for more!