Saint Peter's Lutheran Women's Missionary League

The purpose of the LWML:

  • to foster and encourage Christian fellowship among the women of the congregation
  • to develop and maintain a greater mission consciousness among the women of the congregation through a threefold program of missionary education, missionary inspiration, and missionary service
  • to influence others to a more prayerful life and study of the Word of God
  • to aid and support and help the Pastors in missionary work
  • to support the National, District, and Zone projects of the Lutheran Women's Missionary League
  • to further the work of the congregation in our community

 Meeting place and time: Multi-Purpose Room, second Thursday of each month at 10:00 a.m.

 Three auxiliary circles meet on the first Tuesday of each month:

  • Miriam Daytime Circle (Dixie Ingram, Chairman)
  • Naomi Evening Circle (Shirley Dellinger, Chairman)
  • Ruth Evening Circle (Marla Early, Chairman)

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